cVidya Wins and Replaces Competition in Two Revenue Assurance & Fraud Contracts with Large EMEA Mobi

Both operators selected MoneyMap® & FraudView® suites after rigorous proof-of-concept

London, August 13, 2012 – cVidya Networks, ( a global leader and innovative provider of Revenue Intelligence solutions for Telecom, Media and Entertainment service providers, announced today that it has won two contracts with large operators in EMEA, replacing competitor’s solutions. cVidya’s MoneyMap suite has already been deployed and FraudView, its Fraud Management solution, is currently under implementation.


The operators, with a combined total of over 30 million subscribers, carried out rigorous proof-of-concept trials with the cVidya Revenue Assurance (RA) and Fraud Management (FM) solutions. Requests for proposal were offered to cVidya and competing vendors. The mobile operators selected cVidya as the team was able to demonstrate the best results over the trial period, superior product capabilities, and stronger domain expertise. Within three months of implementation, one operator has already been able to detect significant quantifiable leakage with MoneyMap and has already started the recovery process.


MoneyMap is also expected to be implemented at one provider, once the network upgrades to 4G/LTE, based on cVidya’s previous experience in LTE deployment at another Tier 1 operator. cVidya’s MoneyMap and FraudView solutions are uniquely built to address the RA and FM challenges of LTE and IMS. As well as addressing the new configuration issues, usage patterns, and vulnerabilities posed by LTE, cVidya’s robust solutions simultaneously continue to address traditional RA and FM issues of pre-LTE networks.


“Our team did a remarkable job on these projects,” commented Alon Aginsky, president and CEO of cVidya Networks. “We are excited to have been selected by both mobile operators as the Revenue Intelligence solution of choice. cVidya has been selected and ranked lately by leading research firms among the top vendors of RA & FM worldwide. Our hard work, dedication, and excellence are what ultimately led to cVidya’s solutions replacing those of our competitors.”


With both RA and FM solutions being deployed through cVidya, operators will see even more improved results as the powerful solutions work together to ensure their bottom line. MoneyMap suite covers all aspects of RA including provisioning assurance, usage assurance, and rating & billing verification. FraudView detects and prevents fraud losses across all business lines and services, covering new fraud trends, services and technologies, more traffic and subscribers, and putting stronger emphasis on efficiency while lowering TCO.


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