Traffix Brings Innovations in Diameter Signaling to Overcome LTE Challenges to Mobile World Congress

Two New Solutions Available: Inter-working Function (IWF) of Diameter/SS7-MAP and Diameter Testing & Simulation Suite

Mobile World Congress 2012, Barcelona, Spain – February 14, 2012

Network architects searching for solutions to overcome pain points in rolling out LTE network technology are invited to meet with Traffix, the 4G & Diameter Experts at Mobile World Congress 2012. During the show, Traffix will highlight many Diameter signaling solutions of routing, load balancing and gateway connectivity to overcome challenging use cases that LTE presents to operators.


Traffix will highlight the following new solutions at its booth (Hall 6, C-50) alongside its innovative portfolio of Diameter signaling solutions:

Inter-working Function (IWF) of Diameter/SS7-MAP solution for seamless connection of LTE elements, interfaces and protocols to legacy SS7, thereby delivering cost savings on the reuse of legacy elements,
Diameter Testing & Simulation Suite to maintain consistently high network performance and availability.

Industry standard bodies 3GPP and GSMA have defined the Interworking Function (IWF) that specifies Diameter to SS7-MAP and vice versa interworking. By supporting SS7 legacy protocol with the IWF, Traffix enables operators to enable 2G/3G network elements to communicate with LTE elements such as Mobility Management Entity (MME) and Home Subscriber Server (HSS) for subscriber management. Other use cases enabled by the Traffix IWF include reciprocal roaming of new (greenfield) LTE operators on non-LTE networks, and allowing connectivity of an SS7 Equipment Identity Register (EIR) in an LTE network.“Traffix sees its role as enabling operators to get over the pain points of LTE,” said Ben Volkow, CEO of Traffix. “Connectivity to legacy elements, protocols, and interfaces is one major aspect in guaranteeing a smooth transition and delivers significant cost reductions that should not be overlooked in today’s competitive market.”Another unparalleled innovation to be revealed at Mobile World Congress is the Traffix Diameter Testing & Simulation Suite that is now available for commercial use as part of the Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller™ (SDC), the market leading single solution for Diameter Routing, Diameter Load Balancing and Diameter Gateway needs.


The Traffix Diameter Testing & Simulation Suite is a comprehensive environment for testing automation including validation of stress, load, stability and scalability of all Diameter scenarios. It enables operators to:

Simulate complex scenarios for rapid service implementation,
Run stability testing of 4G network elements from any vendor,
Test roaming scenarios, an essential feature when connecting new roaming in LTE
Run Diameter over SCTP/TCP testing
Upload several standards simultaneously, and Much more.

When using this Diameter testing tool for control plane management, operators receive the benefits of consistently high network performance and availability, reduced time of integration with new elements, and best of all, constantly maintain a high quality customer experience.“The multifold benefits of our Diameter Testing & Simulation Suite became clear to us as we were using it extensively as part of our own R&D process. There isn’t anything else on the market of this caliber for Diameter,” commented Lenny Ridel, CTO of Traffix.Both the IWF Diameter/SS7-MAP solution and the Testing & Simulation Suite are available as part of the Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller™ (SDC) that offers Diameter Gateway, Diameter Load Balancer and Diameter Router solutions consolidated on one platform. When deploying the SDC, operators are guaranteed cost-effective seamless connectivity, unlimited scalability and simplified maximum control to support subscribers’ heavy and growing use of mobile broadband data. When located throughout the core and edge of the network, Traffix SDC platform prevents situations such as server overload and service failure for telecom providers of all sizes to offer the optimal customer experience enhanced by LTE services.