cVidya Launches Executive Mobile Dashboard, the Most Comprehensive Mobile Revenue Intelligence Appli

Fully customizable dashboards enable senior managers to make operational decisions from anywhere based on present and forecasted Revenue Assurance, Risk, and Fraud Management data


London, March 28, 2012  –  cVidya Networks, ( a global leader and innovative provider of Revenue Intelligence solutions for Telecom, Media and Entertainment service providers, announced today the launch of cVidya Mobile Dashboard, the most complete and advanced mobile application for Revenue Assurance, Fraud and Risk Management designed for executives. The dashboard application integrates with cVidya’s suite of Revenue Intelligence solutions enabling senior level managers to easily access complete present and forecasted operational data in order to make informed business decisions.


cVidya’s Mobile Dashboard application enables CSPs to get detailed information on any aspect of their Revenue Assurance, Fraud or Risk Management operations through fully customizable mobile dashboards with the ability to drill-down to the most minute detail. The dashboards present a wide range of information on all Revenue Intelligence business aspects enabling management to evaluate levels of risk, fraud controls, coverage, and leakages against the desired targets predetermined by the CFO, and decide which areas need more focus in the business.


“Businesses are always becoming more dynamic and moving to mobile platforms,” said Alon Aginsky, president and CEO of cVidya Networks. “We are excited to make our first move into the mobile Revenue Intelligence space and we expect to see similar services going mobile very soon. CSPs are now able to pull up data and make informed decisions on any detail of their Revenue Assurance, Risk, and Fraud businesses directly from a mobile device. With the speed that operators need to move and new services being constantly offered, executives require a full, top-down view of their business wherever they are, and that is what cVidya Mobile Dashboard ensures.”

cVidya’s Mobile Dashboard application provides intuitive dashboards and graphs to give executive managers access to all of their important Revenue Intelligence data from anywhere and on any mobile device. Mobile Dashboard utilizes the ProactiV™ Risk Management, MoneyMap® Revenue Assurance, and FraudView® Fraud Management solutions in order to bring the most comprehensive information to the organization.


The application is currently available on the iPhone and iPad (screenshots attached). It can be downloaded from the iTunes Store and more information can be found at