cVidya Launches Enterprise Fraud Package to Enable CSPs to Sell Fraud Prevention Services to Their E

New solution turns the CSP fraud department into a revenue generating unit in addition to its traditional fraud roles


London, February 21, 2012  –  cVidya Networks, ( a global leader and innovative provider of Revenue Intelligence solutions for Telecom, Media and Entertainment service providers, announced today the launch of their Enterprise Fraud Package. The solution enables CSPs to sell fraud detection and prevention services directly to their enterprise customers (e.g. SMEs, SOHO and large corporations). The solution also enables the enterprise customer to monitor its PBX activity in real-time ,obtain alerts on hacking attempts, observe all traffic patterns and enable policy enforcement in order to reduce fraud and security risks. Due to the competitive environment and the need of CSPs to create new growth engines, the fraud department has extended its responsibilities beyond prevention and recovery areas. Now, with cVidya’s new Enterprise Fraud Package, CSPs fraud departments are capable of generating new revenue streams and create a marketing differentiation from their competitors.


According to IDC, there are about 200 different known types of PBX fraud. Estimates show that PBX fraud worldwide creates annual losses of $4.3 Billion. Therefore, it is important that PBX owners obtain easy access and greater visibility and controls in order to prevent fraud on their systems. Enterprise customers expect the CSPs fraud department to detect fraud and notify them of any situation that arises in order to minimize their fraud losses. With cVidya’s Enterprise Fraud Package, the enterprise is now able to monitor its own systems in real-time using a friendly, online portal offered as part of the fraud package.


“cVidya is changing the way telecom providers position their fraud department,” said Alon Aginsky, CEO and president of cVidya. “With the new fraud package, CSPs can generate revenues from their fraud services and provide their business customers greater value. Enterprise customers will also gain from this by being given the ability to keep close watch over their businesses in real-time. This is a step in the right direction for all parties.”