Traffix Announces Traffix Diameter Load Balancer Version 3.0

London – April 6th, 2010 - Traffix Systems, the NGN and Diameter control plane expert, announced today the general availability (GA) of Traffix Diameter Load Balancer version 3.0.  The new version enables telecom operators to optimize data traffic and cut costs.


The new version announced today presents important new capabilities enabling easy and cost effective data traffic growth in telecom networks:

Support of additional protocols – Traffix Diameter Load Balancer supports additional control plane protocols.  The following protocols are now supported:

Contextual Load Balancing enabling Dedicated Domain Servers –Traffix Diameter Load Balancer can apply load balancing rules based on message content. As such, different types of transactions based on AVP content, including user defined AVPs, can be directed to different Diameter servers, enabling Dedicated Server Domain concept.  This new concept opens up new opportunities for network optimization by increasing the control over the types of sessions which are managed by each client.


Advanced Session State Maintenance – The state of each control plane session running through any load balancer is kept in a shared memory in a way that session control is load balancer independent, thus multi instance control of the session is maintained and sessions can be seamlessly transferred from one load balancer to another with no information loss.   This feature increases the overall system resilience and agility.

Lior Zadicareo, Traffix VP marketing and Business Development, said: “Traffix Systems Diameter Load Balancer is set apart from other load balancers.  It is intimately familiar with the context of the transaction, thus enables the telecom operator distribute traffic across the network based on business needs, and therefore enables maximum network utilization and cost efficiency”.


About Traffix Systems
Traffix Systems (www.  is the NGN and Diameter control plane expert. Traffix leads the control plane market, with a range of Next Generation Networks (NGN) Diameter control plane Products and solutions.   Traffix supports telecom operators on their way to establish a high capacity data network, accommodating the needs of telecom customers in the 21st century, by building a series of easy to use products to enable a smooth, secure, cost efficient road to a high capacity data network.

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