StageOne is committed to acting in synergy with the future trends of Information & Communications Technology. Our proposition for creating value is principally manifested in the validation and growth processes.


Guiding the Validation & Growth processes: StageOne's managers are deeply engaged in the validation of both the technology and marketing plans of ventures under evaluation. Matching entrepreneurs with an established carrier during the initial stages of evaluation guarantees that screening is based on an analysis of real needs.

Growth process: StageOne's managers provide their portfolio companies with Hands-on guidance that is backed by many years of industrial experience.


Technology and Market validation: After investing the fund's team assists in the feasibility and readiness examination of products and technologies of the fund's portfolio companies.

We help our companies build the most appropriate product offering, define their go-to-market plan and create a solid business plan that reflects sound financial and operational planning.

 Human & Capital development: Due to our vast experience in the ICT industry, we usually play a major role in the recruiting of key management team members to our portfolio companies. 

In addition, the fund, through its strong contacts in Israel and abroad, helps its companies in securing their current and future financial needs.  


Top-Class advisors: StageOne enjoys the advisory services and professional input of senior executives in the high tech industry, who serve as advisory board members for the fund, including Mr. Paul Weisbach - Ex Deputy CEO  and Vice President of Bezeq, Prof. Meir Feder -Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering Systems, Tel Aviv University -an internationally recognized authority in the field of information theory and data compression, and Mr. Jack Cavelier, who has over 25 years of experience in managing activities in the fields of system integration, networking and telecommunications, and is residing in Paris.