1. At what stage does StageOne invest?
 As an active, hands-on partner, we prefer to get involved with early stage companies. In most cases we'll be investing at the inception stage. We like to work closely with entrepreneurs and management to help build a great company. 

          2. What is StageOne's area of focus?
All our investments focus on the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sectors. 

         3. What about confidentiality?
We consider investment ideas to be confidential and proprietary and we regard them as such. Due to the high volume of business plans we are exposed to, we are unable to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) during the initial stage of discussion. 


          4. Does StageOne always take a board seat?
We  always take a board seat. We believe building a close working relationship with the entrepreneurs we back is best achieved by being active on the company's Board of Directors. In many cases we are asked at the initial stages of the companies to act as chairmen of the Board. 

         5. Who Are StageOne's investors?
Our investors are institutional investors who wish to participate in the attractive Israeli high-tech market. They are experienced venture capital investors, deeply familiar with the life cycle of venture capital investments, focusing on long-term returns and not on corporate agendas. Our investors operate primarily in Israel and US markets.